Indeterminate Objects (classrooms)

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Indeterminate Objects (classrooms)

The Media Wall, The Photographers Gallery, London

19th October – 17th January 2018

Indeterminate Objects (classrooms) comprises of a series of digital animations exploring the role of simulation in the lives of the young. Designed for this commission for The Photographers’ Gallery’s unique digital wall, the animations play 24/7 and the fractals can be seen shifting throughout the day and the night.

‘The project continues her investigation into the relationship between children and computers, and is inspired by young people’s fascination with immersive digital environments such as Minecraft. For this project McMurdo photographed a series of Victorian classroom interiors at a school near her home in Edinburgh. The traditional elements – desks, bookshelves, children’s drawings – are overlaid by a series of hypnotic geometric forms. As these 3D objects hover above the desks, they enter the space of the classroom, casting shadows on the floor which mingle with those of the room. Combining still photography and animation, the project alludes to the co-existence and pervasive nature of these different spaces through which childhood is now experienced’.

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