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‘Wendy McMurdo is a photographer and filmmaker who focuses on the relationship between technology and identity expressed through the images and ideas of childhood. She looks at the psychological world of children and young people, both as a protected space and, increasingly, as a ground for marketing wars and a prematurely … Continue Reading

Wendy McMurdo (Salamanca)

Publisher: Salamanca, Spain: Ediciones Universidad de Salamanca, 2001

2nd Edition

Revised and expanded second edition, first printing. Soft cover. Includes photographs from the Museum series, the Drama Workshops series and the In a Shaded Place series. Photographs by Wendy McMurdo. Essays (in Spanish and English) by Francis McKee and Gilda Williams. Includes … Continue Reading

The Skater

The Skater – Wendy McMurdo (Monograph)
Publisher: Ffotogallery Wales, Cardiff.
ISBN: 978-1-872771-73-1
Date: August 2009
Illustration: 30 colour.
Published to mark Ffotogallery’s 30th Anniversary Commission.

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Childhood, Fantasy and Play

Wendy McMurdo’s photographs explore the psychological world of the child, expressed through play. Specially selected from her past 15 years’ work, this comprehensive exhibition of 36 photographs includes 14 pieces never exhibited before.

Made within the schoolthe family and the museum, the artist has shadowed many groups of children, watching as they explore and develop. … Continue Reading


This interview was originally commissioned by Creative Camera in 1995 and reprinted in 2000 in the anthology ‘Creative Camera – 30 years of Writing’ edited by David Brittain and published by Manchester University Press.

Wendy McMurdo interviewed by Sheila Lawson (April/May 1995)

Sheila Lawson is a Canadian artist who is presently living … Continue Reading

Give me a child when he is seven, and I will show you…

“You and I, when we long to be as little children, can only masquerade as such, we can only perform childlikeness as far as we can observe it or recall it. We are doomed to an ironic innocence.”

Marina Warner

The following text first appeared in Issue 30 of Portfolio: The Journal … Continue Reading