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Chat Room screens as part of the 2021 Shanghai Photofair’s Insights Exhibition

Chat Room (2019) Wendy McMurdo Installation view, Shanghai Photofair, Nov 2021

Chat Room (2019) was included as part of curator Hining Ye’s ‘Imaging our Futures‘ exhibit for the Insights programme at the 2021 Shangahi Photofair (3-6th Nov).
Imaging Our Futures featured the works of twelve brilliant artists and collectives include Discipula (Italy), Fernando Montiel Klint (Artbaena, Mexico), Shun Li (China), Wendy Mcmurdo (UK), Milan F4 (China), Michael Najjar (BANK Mabsociety, China),@Marcel Rickli (Switzerland), @Slime Engine (@没顶画廊 Madeln Gallery, China),@Clement Valla (bitforms gallery nyc, USA), Feiyu Wang (China) and Wenxin Zhang.
….In addition to investigating the influence of the evolution of technological media on artists, reexamining the complex relationship between photography, image, and data, and exploring the meaning born out of the interaction between digital and media histories, the exhibition also aims to rethink the complex interactions between the digital and the visual while cautioning audiences about the inherent trappings of these practices’.