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THE SCOTTISH ENDARKENMENT Art and Unreason | 1945 to the Present

The Scottish Endarkenment: Art and Unreason | 1945 to the Present opens at Dovecot Gallery on 13 May and runs until 29 August 2016. This multi-layered thematic exhibition curated by Bill Hare and Andrew Patrizio of The University of Edinburgh, produced in collaboration with Dovecot Gallery and with support from Creative Scotland and Dovecot Foundation, presents a comprehensive and complex approach to the challenging concerns which have obsessed many of the most important and innovative Scottish artists since the end of World War Two.

The Scottish Endarkenment engages with a wide and varied range of demanding topics from ever- escalating communal and international conflicts, social inequalities and consumer materialism to threatened gender identities, filial traumas and sexual prejudices. These issues are also related to the dialectical tensions which seethe within the Scottish psyche – moral struggles between good and evil, Self and the Other, Jekyll and Hyde. These different, but interrelated themes are imaginatively treated within a wide range of interpretative approaches and experimental practices – through painting to performance; from the overtly horrific to the darkly satirical.